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Opposed to the field house at intersection in Fallston [Letter]


An alternate view on " In favor of a field house at Rts. 1 and 152."

Do we desperately (having lost all hope) need an "Arena Club" in Fallston's Aumar Village?

A healthy lifestyle is an attitude, a choice, not a venue. So is community.

Finding a place to exercise is easy. Walking for example, an exercise for all ages, works year-round. Leave your car at home and get fit in the time it takes to drive to and from the health club. Involve your spouse, kids, parents, neighbors and it is community. Google "exercise" if you want variety.

Finding a safe place, however, is getting difficult. The Routes 1 and 152 area is not a good place to walk, bike or even drive. Aumar Village increased the traffic problems in an already problem prone location. Getting into and out of Aumar Village depends on the goodwill of drivers, not on good planning or good traffic control. Ask the folks who live on Wilgis, Reckord, Harford, Fallston or Belair roads what the traffic is like.

The traffic issues are not potential. They currently exist and are recognized by Harford County and the state. Check the Aegis article on traffic hotspots. Check the topography in the area. The hills, turns and constrictions are natural constraints on traffic flow and will always pose a hazard magnified by traffic increases.

Zoning also has a bearing on the issue. As noted in the marketing meeting run by Mr. [Mike} Euler in July, the Arena Club and like businesses are zoned at least B2. The land he wants to use for his "Arena Club" is zoned agricultural.

Perhaps NIMBY and CAVE are really the rational concerns of those most affected by decreases in safety and quality of life.

Baldwin seems the perfect place for the "desperately needed venue."

John Green


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