Bigger Humane Society building, dog park moving forward

The Humane Society of Harford County is moving forward with plans for an expanded, 16,000-square-foot home on Connolly Road in Fallston.

A community input meeting Friday drew no major objections from nearby residents. Three residents came to the meeting, as did Humane Society board president David Fang, at the Fallston fire station.

Rob Capalongo, an associate with CNA engineers, said the 1947 structure will be considerably improved.

"It's going to be a much more modern facility but it's also set back from the road," he said. "It also allows us to keep this [original] operation while this is being constructed."

He said the existing barn will remain, adding that a small barn for storage will become a much larger structure.

The 16,283-square-foot building will have 76 proposed parking spaces, far more than the required 54, as well as four handicapped spaces.

The 22.89-acre site is zoned for agricultural use and is in the 2200 block of Connolly Road.

The plan also shows a proposed deceleration lane on Connolly Road, water quality facilities around the building and a monument-style sign at the entrance.

Capalongo told residents the current septic system will not be overburdened by use at the expanded facility.

A four-acre dog park on the east side of the building is also in the plans. The existing dog park will remain, except it would be pulled back to 50 feet behind the building.

"We have been very conscious of the animals generally and keeping them controlled, keeping them basically on-site," Capalongo said.

The parking will also be screened by hedges, he said.

One resident said the whole area has "really fouled up" the septic system, but the officials at the meeting said the system will be able to support everything going forward.

Fang said he did not have an exact timeline for the building's completion.

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