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Counterfeit $20 bills used at Fallston Walmart

A stack of counterfeit $20 bills was used to buy chlorine tablets at Walmart in Fallston late last week, police said.

Harford County sheriff's deputies were called to the 24-hour store at about 11:45 a.m. on July 27, when store employees reported they had found counterfeit $20 bills in the lawn and garden cash register, according to Cristie Kahler, spokesperson for the sheriff's office.

A man had used the fake bills to buy buckets of chlorine tablets and, while it's unclear how many buckets he bought, the Sheriff's Office's calls for service indicated the store had received $380 in fake $20 bills.

According to its website, Walmart sells a 100-pound bucket of chlorine tablets for $272 to $371 online. A 50-pound bucket is $146 to $153, a 25-pound bucket is $106 to $111 and a 10-pound bucket is $43 to $49.

The person passing the fake bills was described as a white man with a bald head. He was wearing black frame glasses a black short sleeve polo shirt, jeans and black shoes, according to Kahler.

"Most of the counterfeit money we see is in the $20 denomination, so that in and of itself was not unusual," Kahler said. " As this seems to be an isolated incident, at this time it is unsure if this could lead to future incidents." 

The investigation is continuing, Kahler said.

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