Two new shopping centers proposed in Harford [50 years ago]

As taken from the pages of The Aegis dated Thursday, July 30, 1964:

The County Planning and Zoning Commission heard two plans 50 years ago this week to develop large shopping centers not far from the Town of Bel Air. A group representing the Wakefield Development Company appeared before the commission to present material on the proposed Bel Air South Shopping Center to be on Emmorton Road. The shopping center would be constructed on 40 acres of the former Thomas Weaver farm. The second proposal was presented by Edward Higginbothom on behalf of Reuben Shirling, owner of 850 acres known as Constant Friendship. The shopping center was planned on 50 acres on Route 24, which would be part of a total community called Constant Friendship. The plans called for an elevated plaza with several levels and floor space. The parking lot was planned for 2,708 cars.

The State of Maryland gave the City of Havre de Grace three additional acres for construction of its court ordered sewage treatment plant. The site for the plant was once part of the old race track but was owned by the Maryland National Guard in 1964. The property overlooked the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay.

The commissioners of Aberdeen were expected to hold a public hearing on the proposed annexation which would double the size of that town. The Aberdeen commissioners wanted to annex some 1,800 acres surrounding the town. Some of the land in question overlapped an area which Havre de Grace also desired to annex. Both of the Harford towns were attempting to expand. Several county legislators had expressed concern that if these huge annexations went through, the county's three towns would dominate future policies in the county government.

An intruder broke into the Southern States Cooperative at Routes 165 and 136 through a window using a pry bar. He then proceeded to use the pry bar to peel back the outer steel plate from a small safe. The intruder was able to get away with $500 in cash. At the same time, it was reported that someone had broken into the Miller Chemical Company at the same intersection and tried unsuccessfully to break into their safe as well. The thief in the second robbery only made off with one dollar in small change that he found in a jar in the refrigerator.

Harford County's eight elected Republican officials issued a signed statement which stated that they would not support their presidential nominee, Sen. Barry Goldwater, in November. Those who signed the statement said it was to clearly state their position and let the people of Harford County know how they felt about a candidate whose policies were considered "radical" and "extremist," according to the statement.

A Commercial and Savings Bank customer presented a check to a teller with the forged signature of John Pons, owner of Country Life Farm. The teller immediately noticed the forgery on the $30 check and suggested he take it to the bank that it was drawn on, First National Bank of Harford County. The customer then walked across the street to the other bank where the teller, having already been alerted of the forgery, engaged him in a conversation until the police arrived. The man claimed that he was out of work and needed money for a new pair of shoes.

Louise Edwards was crowned as Miss Harford Farm Queen for 1964.

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