Harford-Cecil athletic league announces elimination of upper vs. lower division title games

The Upper Chesapeake Bay Athletic Conference's Board of Control voted Tuesday to eliminate the practice of having its upper and lower division champion teams play each other for division titles.

In addition, the automatic practice of having the top team in the lower division move up while the bottom team in the upper division moves to the lower will be discontinued.

Both changes were announced in a press release issued Tuesday night by Bob Slagle, the commissioner of the athletic conference, which is commonly referred to by it's acronym UCBAC. The UCBAC is comprised of the athletic teams of the public schools in Harford and Cecil counties.

"At tonight's UCBAC Board of Control meeting, two changes were made to the conference bylaws," Slagle said. "The first change is the replacement of automatic movement of teams between divisions. The new bylaw establishes a realignment committee that will make a recommendation to the Board of Control on an annual bases in all sports except football, which will continue to be realigned every two years."

The original system of promotion and relegation between the two divisions, which has been in place since the conference was founded in 2003, had the top Susquehanna, or lower division, team automatically moved to the Chesapeake, or upper division, while the Chesapeake team with the worst record was moved down.

"The second change is the elimination of the conference championship game in the following sports: field hockey, volleyball, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, softball, baseball and tennis," Slagle said. "The Board of Controls believes that these changes help the conference maintain its two primary purposes: first, to provide the most competitive regular-season schedule for all teams, and, second, to prepare teams for the post season."

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