Rosette named 2012 Correctional Officer of the Year

Harford County Sheriff's DFC Christopher Rosette was recently named the Harford County Detention Center 2012 Correctional Officer of the Year at the Maryland Correctional Administrators Association Annual Conference June 2, in Ocean City.

Rosette, who has been with the sheriff's office since 2007, was recognized for his hard work, enthusiasm and dedication that contribute to the successful operations of the Inter-Agency Processing Center.

Illustrating his loyalty, Rosette often stays late or reports early, ensuring the requirements are fulfilled for the shift and the Harford County Detention Center, according to a press release from the Harford County Sheriff's Office. On more than one occasion, Rosette's attention to detail has led to the discovery of contraband during inmate searches. The contraband found included an assortment of pills, drugs, tobacco products and a lighter. Rosette's proper and thorough search process not only prevented contraband from entering the facility, it also resulted in successful prosecution of the cases against these defendants.

According to Rosette's nomination, he is an "unsung hero… truly an absolute asset to the agency and deserves the recognition of 2012 Correctional Officer of the Year."

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