Former Harford schools superintendent receives nearly $32,000 payout

Former Harford County Public Schools superintendent Robert Tomback received nearly $32,000 in payouts of annual and sick leave, in keeping with his contract with the school system.

Tomback, who stepped down in June at the end of his four-year term as superintendent, was paid $17,870.08 in annual leave and $13,985.28 in sick leave, HCPS Manager of Communications Teri Kranefeld wrote in an e-mail Tuesday.

Tomback's term began July 1, 2009. His base salary was $190,000 a year.

In February, Tomback announced he did not wish to be considered for a new contract and was leaving "to pursue other opportunities."

Kranefeld wrote Tuesday that his salary as of his retirement was $202,000.03, including longevity pay, "per his contract."

William Lawrence, the school system's associate superintendent for curriculum, instruction and assessment, also stepped down in June, after being hired on July 1, 2010.

His final salary was $166,345.09 and he was paid $239.92 in annual leave, Kranefeld wrote.

Interim superintendent's contract

Barbara Canavan, the former executive director of middle school performance for the school system and a former principal of Southampton Middle School, began her one-year term as interim superintendent on July 1.

She will receive a base salary of $179,400 for her term, plus longevity pay "earned prior to and during the term of this contract," according a copy of her contract, provided by school officials Tuesday.

The contract bears the signatures of Canavan and then Board of Education President Francis "Rick" Grambo. Canavan's term ends June 30, 2014.

Nancy Reynolds, who previously served as vice president of the school board, was elected president during the July 29 board business meeting, and Grambo as vice president.

Canavan, who has spent 40 years with the school system, will also be eligible for the same health and dental benefits offered to other Harford County Public Schools employees, and she will pay the "employee's share" of the coverage plans she chooses, according to the contract.

She will receive a travel allowance of $1,000 a month to reimburse her for expenses such as parking, mileage and tolls.

"Should the monthly travel expenses exceed the $1,000.00 per month allowance, Mrs. Canavan shall be entitled to reimbursement of all actual and necessary expenses upon the submission of appropriate documentation," according to the contract.

The school system will provide a personal computer or laptop, software "appropriate for her duties," a mobile phone or Personal Digital Assistant and a fax machine and printer for her home office.

Canavan will also be eligible for annual and sick leave, accrued "on the same basis as she accrued such leave during her tenure as Executive Director of Middle School Performance."

She will receive a 100 percent payout of annual leave and 25 percent of sick leave, which she has accrued since starting work with the school system, once the contract concludes.

She also has "right of first refusal" if she does not apply for the permanent superintendent's position, "to a position comparable to the position she is vacating to take this [interim superintendent] assignment," according to the contract.

Canavan's former position in charge of the county's nine middle schools was eliminated earlier this summer, as part of a central office reorganization prompted by budgetary concerns.

Canavan will not receive re-employment and other benefits if her contract is terminated for cause, including "Immorality," "Misconduct in office," "Insubordination," "Incompetency" or "Willful neglect of duty," according to the contract.

She will also have two evaluations of her performance during her term, conducted by the members of the school board.

"All aspects of evaluations between the Board and the Interim Superintendent shall be treated as confidential by both parties," according to the contract.

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