Roadwork hits Bel Air as BGE replaces gas lines

Drivers in the Bel Air area, especially those using Route 1 in the area of Belair Bypass, may run into some construction work in the coming year.

BGE is replacing natural gas lines around the town as part of Operation Pipeline, which has begun near the Route 1/Belair Bypass area and in downtown Bel Air. The work is expected to be completed in July.

Drivers coming east into town on Belair Road have been re-routed into the median as workers replace the line on the road's south side.

"Crews are replacing about 1,000 feet of gas main at that location and will likely complete the work in that section in mid-January," BGE spokesman Aaron Koos said. 

"The larger concentration of work is taking place in downtown Bel Air. Work is under way on Williams Street and Atwood [Road] now," Koos wrote in an e-mail.

"Work will be accomplished in sections so not every street will have construction underway at a single time. Once roadwork on a section is complete, roadways will be temporarily patched until the project and weather permit final restoration with permanent paving of disturbed roadways," Koos said.

Operation Pipeline includes 11 projects in various states of construction and more than 20 projects that have been completed since 2010.

"We are replacing aging natural gas mains generally constructed out of cast iron and bare steel that are reaching the end of their useful service lives with modern, durable pipes that will allow us to continue to deliver natural gas safely and reliably to customers for decades to come," Koos said.

Earlier this year, BGE said it would be targeting downtown Bel Air, Route 22 and the Fountain Green area.

The company also said it has been replacing meters in homes and many businesses in conjunction with the new lines.

Koos had said at that time BGE has 44,260 natural gas customers in Harford County.

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