Carpenter said the Super Bowl will show the importance of persistence, regardless of the results of a game.

He plans to tell the students: "For some of you, you may be feeling like (the losing team), but that doesn't mean you stop working hard."

"I see it as a great way to connect an analogy for them," Carpenter said of the students. "They love 'good news' assemblies because it gets them motivated ... Even if the Ravens lose, it's still an opportunity to learn."

Besides the educational opportunity, the Ravens have also clearly proved a source of creativity for Harford's educational institutions.

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St. Margaret Elementary in Bel Air has hung up a Ravens banner in lieu of its normal roadside signs.

North Bend Elementary had a send-off when one of its teachers went to the playoffs in Massachusetts last week and also threw a pep rally Thursday at the end of the school day, teacher Susan Melefsky said.

"Students, teachers and staff are now busy decorating doors, adding banners and streamers to enhance the winning spirit and are engaged in meaningful lessons with our spirited students," Melefsky wrote in an e-mail.

She said one teacher went to see Jacoby Jones during a recent autograph signing in Bel Air.

"He gave us a picture, especially signed, a glossy," she said. "He was, like, all about the kids."

Melefsky said an art teacher designed a Ravens bangle bracelet and all the teachers bought it.

Meanwhile, the school has been sporting door decorations and a Ravens Christmas tree and wreaths.

Ray Lewis and Jacoby-related dancing have also been incorporated into the school.

"That is one of the goals, to be fit," Melefsky noted.

Teachers came to school early this week to practice the Ray Lewis Squirrel Dance to be aired for the students during their fitness minute every day next week, she wrote.

Dayle Kirby, a third-grade teacher, challenged her class by having them read inspirational quotes from the player and respond to them.

Sarah Palmere had fifth-grade students write "Lessons from the Ravens" and some Super Bowl Math students learned math facts that incorporated "football fun."

Forest Hill Elementary also planned a Ravens Rally, with teachers including fun facts, songs, cheers and end zone dancing, Principal Tammy Bosley said in an e-mail.

The celebration was in line with the school's theme of "Live, Learn, Move."

"To top off the excitement, the 'Ravens Bus Boys' stopped by to [show off] their pride for our home team," Bosley wrote.

Over at Bel Air High School, "our food services department is really excited and have planned some things," Harford County Public Schools spokeswoman Lindsay Bilodeau reported in an e-mail.  

"The kitchen staff at Bel Air High School has been performing the 'Ray Lewis dance' for each of their lunch sessions the past couple Purple Fridays," Bilodeau said.

"They put on a great show, and the students love it," she said. "They will once again perform their dance this Friday."

"Also, in celebration of the Ravens advancement to the Super Bowl and the fact that Joe Flacco has been 'cool' under pressure leading our team to victory, Food Services will be offering a 'SNO Joe' frozen juice treat in the cafeterias of our schools on Friday," she said.