Come Wednesday or Thursday night, Coakley's representatives will be putting up purple ribbons all over the place.

"We are painting Havre de Grace purple," Tracey explained. "My goal is to get the entire downtown."

Tracey said he has been coordinating with businesses to encourage them to have some purple on their property as well.

Coakley's will be featuring a "big buffet at half-time" and Tracey said he is prepared for folks to go wild if the Ravens do win.

Nevertheless, he predicted, it won't be too wild.

Coakley's is passing out cards with cab numbers for those who plan to be doing heavy drinking, he said.

"I was in Baltimore for the last time they were in the Super Bowl," he said. "I don't think it's going to be nuts like that up here."

"St. Patrick's Day is usually a lot busier and we don't have any problems," he noted.

The Tower restaurant on Bel Air's Main Street has already booked its banquet rooms and expects to attract more people with a $5 buffet for the Super Bowl, as well as happy hour all day, Mario Buontempo said.

A DJ will also be available after the big game, as will two-for-one drink specials, he said.

"Last week, we were packed," Buontempo said, adding he was hoping for more people for the Super Bowl as well.

Regardless of what happens, Tracey said the Super Bowl benefits everyone in the county.

"Even if you are not a Ravens fan, if you hang out in a bar, you should be happy because it's great for the economy," he said.