Since the Ravens began winning, Half Pints started hosting a Ray Lewis dance contest at halftime.

"They get up on the stage and do the dance," Molyneux said, explaining the winner gets a free round of drinks.

If recent turnout is any indication, he is expecting plenty of excited Ravens fans to fill the bar.

For the last two games, "we were jam-packed full about two hours before the game," he said.

Molyneux thought people might be having more Super Bowl parties at home, but Half Pints is planning for the same turnout.

He noted some people who were there for the recent championships are superstitious about being in the same spot for the Super Bowl.

"It's hard to tell," he said about turnout. "A lot of the folks who were here for the last two games said they were going to come back."

Molyneux said he has already gotten more carryout orders than usual.

He was also not especially worried about the crowd getting out of hand if the Ravens do win the ultimate prize.

"We had a very jovial crowd [before]," he said.

Some establishments are even taking advantage of the unique New Orleans setting.

The Greene Turtle in Aberdeen is having a pre-game Mardi Gras, with DJ Q playing music from 2 to 5 p.m., drink specials, giveaways and prizes.

General manager Jon Gettle said he expects the place to be packed.

"We are expecting a sold-out house again, like we had for the last two games," he said. "We ran out of seats real early the last two games."

It's all first-come, first serve, so his advice is: "Get there early."

The Greene Turtle is offering a to-go special with 100 wings for $64.95, and Gettle said he has already received a "bunch of orders" for that.

The bar will also offer a free half-time buffet.

Unlike The Greene Turtle, Coakley's in Havre de Grace is jokingly having PSLs ("personal seat licenses") for Sunday's event.

Sixty percent of those tables and chairs are already reserved, bartender Dan Tracey said, so he definitely expects a large crowd for the Super Bowl.

The pub is also trying to get the entire city in the spirit of things.