With win against the Patriots, "I feel it will be even crazier," she added.

Horse statue, stuffed bird

Two blocks down Main street at The Dark Horse Saloon, tables and bar stools were also lined with purple.

Mike Talley, of Forest Hill, was wearing a black, stuffed raven on top of his baseball hat, as well as Ravens stickers on his face and purple camouflage pants.

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He said he mostly watches football games at home but not this time.

"This game here, you've got to come out and watch this game," Talley said.

He predicted the Ravens would win "by 10," noting that it is meaningful that brothers John and Jim Harbaugh, of the Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, could be playing each other in the Super Bowl. (The 49ers did beat the Falcons earlier in the day to set up the brother versus brother coaching battle in the New Orleans Superdome on Feb. 3.)

"It's destiny; both the brothers may be playing against each other," Talley said. "I am extremely excited."

"Just the electricity around downtown is just insane," Talley said about the fandom in the area, especially in Baltimore, of course. "Everybody downtown is so excited."

Business boost

Talley was one of several people watching the game in Bel Air who mentioned the financial boost from all the excitement.

"Just the economic impact of this game is crazy," Talley said.

Karen and Scott Guckert, of Jarrettsville, who were at MaGerk's to watch the game, also said the Ravens support was important for the area.

"It's awesome. It's great for the economy, brings a lot of money to the local vendors," Scott Guckert said. "It's a win-win. I think Baltimore needs this."

They looked very pleased to be in a booth at the very back of MaGerk's – the last available table when they arrived at 4:30 p.m.

"It's been pretty exciting to watch," Karen Guckert said about the build-up to the game, noting everyone was even more psyched up after the 49ers had just beaten the Falcons to advance to the Super Bowl.

"Everyone's kind of cheering the 'Harbaugh Bowl,'" she said. "You feel like it's meant to happen because of Ray Lewis [leaving]. You just feel like it's been close so many times, you just feel like this is the time."

Scott Guckert chimed in: "The stars are aligned."

They both said all the buzz around town has been exciting and a break from the norm.

"All week long, it's just been purple and everyone's talking about it," Karen Guckert said of the game.

Scott Guckert pointed out: "It's like everyone is distracted from their real jobs."