After the Ravens won, many of the Denver fans wished the Ravens fans good luck, hoping they'll beat Tom Brady and company, Beczkowski added.

The Ravens fans said they saw few others in purple and black in Denver, and those they did see were from places like New Mexico and Nebraska, not the Baltimore area.

Broncos fans were also loud, Birkmire said, but much of the noise stopped with just seconds left in the fourth quarter, when Jacoby Jones caught a Joe Flacco pass then ran in the end zone for a touchdown to tie the game at 35 at the end of regulation.

"Then there was silence," Wienecke said.

"You could have dropped a pin in that stadium. It was complete quiet," said Axelsson, who was in the fifth row behind the Ravens' bench. "It was loud the whole entire game, but as soon as Jones caught that pass, that stadium was completely quiet. They're like 'I can't believe that just happened.' While I was going ballistic. I was in a sea of Denver people, with only one other Ravens fan in general area I could see."

"You could hear the Ravens bench where I was and Ravens fan cheering, but every single person had their heads down," Axelsson said.

The fans picked up their cheering again in overtime until the Ravens kicked the field goal, right into the end zone where the four Fallston friends were sitting, and the stunned crowd just stood there.

"While the four of us were jumping up and down, hugging each other," Sochurek said.

The Ravens may have gone into the game as 9-point underdogs who most analysts believed would lose, but these Ravens fans never doubted it.

"Absolutely we thought they were going to win. Everyone in Maryland did. All the media, ESPN, no one believed in the Ravens. But we've seen it happen time and time again. When it did pan out it was even better," Sochurek said. "It was one of the best games ever and we were there."

Axelsson, too, thought the Ravens would win.

"I was hoping, absolutely. I knew it was going to be a good game. Peyton Manning is an elite quarterback and I knew we needed to bring our A-game against him," Axelsson said.

On to Foxboro and...

Beczkowski, however, was a little more hesitant. He said he goes into road playoff games "cautiously optimistic," that way if they lose, he's not so disappointed.

"I know you have a very, very difficult time winning road playoff games. So I hope for the best and don't get too optimistic," Beczkowski said. "That's why victories like Denver feel so good."

The Ravens will need to bring their A-game again this weekend, when the Ravens face off against Tom Brady and the Patriots Sunday evening

Wienicke and Schwartz, as well as Schwartz's sister, Laurie, and her husband, a Patriots fan, are going. Beczkowski has his trip booked, too, while Axelsson is looking for a way to get up north.

They're all hoping for another win to take the Ravens to the Super Bowl in New Orleans Feb. 3. Beczkowski, incidentally, already has his tickets booked for the Big Easy.