Forest Hill family sees Flacco at Disney World on Monday

Members of the Blackburn family of Forest Hill didn't attend Sunday's Super Bowl in New Orleans, but they probably experienced the next best thing about the Baltimore Ravens' heart-stopping 34-31 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Scott and Kim Blackburn and their children, Brooke, 9, and Ethan, 5, were visiting Disney World in Orlando on Monday where they saw Ravens quarterback and Super Bowl MPV Joe Flacco make the traditional day after the game appearance at the Magic Kingdom.

"It was cool," Scott Blackburn said by phone from Orlando, adding that the family vacation to Disney World this week ended up being perfectly scripted.

Blackburn sent along a photo of Flacco giving a thumbs up to the crowd, as he and Mickey Mouse rode in a convertible through the park.

Blackburn also said there was plenty of purple in evidence in the Magic Kingdom, including at the main entrance where Mickey Mouse is decked out in Ravens purple for the occasion.

The Blackburns had their photo taken on that spot, all wearing the jerseys of their favor Ravens player, No. 5, naturally.

"We had a great time seeing Joe and there were a lot of Ravens fans in and around the park all weekend," Scott Blackburn said. "Lots of purple."

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