Pleasantville Road to be closed daily for Little Gunpowder bridge repairs

Repairs being made to the bridge that carries Pleasantville Road over the Little Gunpowder Falls in Fallston will necessitate closing the road to daytime traffic over a two-week period in September.

According to the Harford County Department of Public Works, Pleasantville Road will be closed daily in the vicinity of the bridge from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. starting Sept. 16.

Repairs will be made to the bridge's deck and abutments, Dan Svrjcek, of the Department of Public Works Bureau of Engineering, said.

Svrjcek said the project is being done by Baltimore County, as the two counties share maintenance responsibilities for the bridge on their border.

The prefabricated panel bridge, also called an Acrow bridge for the name of the manufacturer, was erected in 1987, according to Svrjcek, who noted some of the deck plates have settled and need to be raised to normal height.

The road will be closed because the bridge deck is involved and for general safety reasons, Svrjcek said, noting the severe curve approaching the bridge on the Baltimore County side and the absence of shoulders are "not a good situation" for workers and motorists alike.

Svrjcek said the road will be open when work is not being done. The deck will be temporarily covered and the contractor will be using quick drying concrete to make the abutment repairs, he said.

The most convenient detours from Route 152 will be north to Route 165 or south to either Route 147 or Route 1.

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