Main Street in Bel Air during the annual Winter Carnival in 1902. This photo, which was published in The Aegis, and was provided by the Historical Society of Harford County from its James Sauers Collection. (Historical Society of Harford County, The Aegis / December 17, 2013)

In searching for something special for the holiday season, I came across this poem, provided by Jim Chrismer, taken from The Aegis and Intelligencer. There was no date and the author is only listed by initials, but I thought it would be fun to share this "Christmas card" with you. Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday season as you walk through 19th century Bel Air.

– Carol Deibel

Bel Air Business Directory

By W. T. S.

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Ye strangers who may come to town

We're glad to see your faces,

Please notice our directory

Ere you visit business places.


For all your wants, these 'Christmas times,'

We've made provision ample,

Call round and see, (and bring your dimes,)

We're pleased to show a sample.


And when with business you've got through

Or before you have begun, sir,

You may have an inclination to

Regale the "inner man" sir.


So if your "whistle dry" should feel,