She recalled a Sunday watching a Ravens game at her grandfather's house, while her friends were calling her.

While most teenagers would dread having to spend the time caring for an aging relative, Kaitlin said she looked forward to it all week because it was one more chance to see her grandfather.

Valerie Lannen, a senior at North Harford High School, was the runner-up and also got a certificate from Craig.

Wendell Baxter, head of the HRC, said Bond would be proud to see so many people in the room.

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"I am a product of this community and I know when things were not as grand or as nice as they are now," he said. "I have seen improvement and I have worked with a lot of you."

He also said it is important for the county to focus on its young people, noting the HRC is looking into getting a youth member.

"What you have to do, what you should do, is be thinking about our youth. We are getting older," he said, getting a laugh from the crowd.

Ultimately, he said, "don't stop working to make our community a better place to live."

The John Carroll School's a cappella group Bella Voce also sang "In My Life" and "Imagine" by The Beatles, while Aberdeen High School's string quartet performed before the luncheon.

The Rev. Lisa Ward gave the invocation and Rabbi Gila Ruskin gave the closing benediction. Ruskin thanked God "who gave us the opportunity to repair the world."