Letter: Traffic a major concern if super Walmart opens at Plumtree Road


The Aegis editorial "Too Late, Too Much" published July 25, speaks volumes about "serious traffic situations in the making."

Like most people who live along Emmorton Road (Route 924), I am very concerned about the adverse impact of a Walmart Super Center at Route 924 and Plumtree Road. A Walmart Super Center will attract an additional 10,000 cars per day, according to traffic planners. Students who walk to Patterson Mill Middle and High Schools will be at greater risk.

Families living in residential neighborhoods among Route 924 already have a very difficult time making left turns onto 924 during rush hour. The additional traffic will make a left turn exit from those communities extremely dangerous.

Last week the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported a 13.5 percent increase in traffic fatalities in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2012, compared to the same period last year. Traffic Safety is no accident. Proper planning prevents traffic fatalities.

Every Walmart Super Center store that I have seen is along a four lane highway. Emmorton Road (Route 924) is a two lane road through residential neighborhoods. Proper planning prevents tragedies. Approving a Walmart Super Center at Route 924 and Plumtree Road would be an example of the poorest planning imaginable.

Local government must never put private profits above public safety.

Patrick Wilson

Bel Air

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