Harford Campaign for Liberty critical of loan to International Can [Letter]

Earlier this month, Harford Campaign for Liberty sent out an email alerting citizens of a big money "conditional loan" to be voted on by the Harford County Council.

The Economic Development loan of $125,000 would endorse a state MEDAF loan of $535,000, in effect handing over a total of $660,000 to the International Can Company in return for the company remaining in Harford County and increasing their employees by a minimum of 25 full-time positions over the next 10 years.

In the end, the vote was close - Resolution 20-13 was passed by four votes to three.  

Two Republicans, Richard Slutzky and Billy Boniface, and two Democrats, Dion Guthrie and Mary Ann Lisanti, voted to give $660,000 of your money to a private corporation.

Who said the two parties can't work together?!

Christina Trotta

Harford County Campaign for Liberty

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