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St. Margaret pastor expresses distaste for protest placards [Letter]

This past Sunday the annual Festival for the Arts took place in Shamrock Park. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful event.

On the Saint Margaret Church side of Lee Way, some "demonstrators" were standing with large placards. Those demonstrators and placards in no way represent Saint Margaret Church or the Archdiocese of Baltimore. They are here without authorization or approval. We have investigated and learned that their actions are within their constitutional rights.

Many, many parishioners of Saint Margaret Parish find the actions of the protesters to be disrespectful and the images to be offensive. Some festival goers this past Sunday found the actions and images equally offensive.

I greatly respect the Festival for the Arts and the people of Bel Air and share the distress caused by the placards and the demonstrators. I recommend that we, as a community, continue to pray for and promote respect for human life in positive ways.

Monsignor G. Michael Schleupner

Pastor, Saint Margaret Parish

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