Irritated by recent anti Tea Party letters [Letter to the Editor]

Recent Open Forum letters from Kingsville and Bel Air writers concerning the Tea Party and Republicans are good examples of low information voters and those who have a twisted slant on history to suit their wacky agendas.

Blaming the Tea Party as an extortionist group that is attempting to force President Obama into concessions due to the lack of agreement to raise the debt limit, (because of Obama's unwillingness to negotiate on delaying Obama Care), is like my doctor telling me he has the cure for my deadly disease if I will just agree to get an injection, but I refuse on the grounds the needle will ruin my sickness.

The comment by the Kingsville writer that Clinton's two government shut downs were connected to interrupt Social Security and Veteran's payments is baloney. Clinton's first November '95 shut down lasted 5 days and was about vetoing a Republican led effort for a balanced budget. The following December shut down lasted 21 days and was about passing a compromise budget, which he negotiated with Republicans.

The Bel Air writer spreads blame on both parties but blames the Republicans for the 2003 Iraq war that most of the Senate and House voted to go after Saddam. Plus, described the idea that defense spending is an excessive Republican spending issue, but failed to observe the $6 trillion increase of the U.S. public debt by Obama's regime in the last five years.

How about asking these questions: Who has weakened our economy by inflicting draconian EPA rules on business and industry that kills jobs, economic growth and investments; who told an Arizona audience that Americans need to be more considerate and kind to each other but recently called Republicans insane, bomb throwers, extremists and anarchists? Plus, who can't provide a working computer program for health care that has been described as a "train wreck?"

Frankly, we need professional Presidential leadership at the top to save this country. You cannot guide a chain from the rear. At the moment we are being led by a community organizer who enjoys hurting Americans, loves crisis, wind farms, targets conservative political groups, spies on Americans, is a divider not a joiner, distorts the truth about the debt ceiling, spends trillions we don't have and thinks narcissism is a virtue. But of course any criticism of our supreme golfer in charge is purely racist. Really? I'll take that up with Dr. Ben Carson.

Anthony Lambros

Bel Air

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