Support for Plumtree Wal-Mart [Letter]

This is to support and prompt action to speed the approval of the Plumtree location as the site of the new Wal-Mart Superstore. The site is ideal for a Wal-Mart Superstore:

It is situated between major transportation arteries that are in drastic need of major improvement,

It is zoned correctly,

The site is large enough to accommodate landscaping,

The location offers easy access to needed food, goods and services.

We have been residents of Bel Air for 40-plus years and have seen many major improvements to our community. We remember and appreciate the old; but we welcome and appreciate new opportunities that enhance our quality of life and this project will do that.

This is a chance to lock-in a community sensitive corporation like Wal-Mart; to lock in sorely needed tax revenue; to lock in a major growth in employment; and to lock in assistance in paying for road improvements. It's also a great opportunity to gain a one stop shopping for food, goods and services at competitive pricing in an area where existing shopping is strained and overburdened.

The next 5, 10 and 15 years will again see tremendous growth in our community. We must take advantage of great opportunities when they present themselves to assure easy future access to goods and services. We have no doubt that something will be built at the Plumtree site and roads and utilities will be needed. We have no doubt that Wal-Mart is the best for our community.

Support of Wal-Mart/Plumtree will maximize benefit to our community.

Tom and Faye Keown

Bel Air

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