Democrats blamed for deficits and shutdown [Letter]


The editorial " U.S. is us" published Oct. 4 urges our politicians to "...make deals to keep the government open," but ignores the deeper problem that we face, which is out of control spending by both political parties.

The Democrats waste our tax dollars on welfare, unions, minorities and bigger government, giving us unsustainable trillion dollar deficits every year. Meanwhile, the Republicans waste our money on warfare, starting a disastrous war in Iraq and, now, in order to pander to the powerful pro-Israel lobby, are trying to start a more insane war in Iran. The Republicans like to criticize the budget deficits but, at the same time, support an increase in our already bloated defense spending, which would only make the deficit larger.

For years, only Congressman Ron Paul warned about the endless welfare-warfare spending that was harming our country. Unfortunately, very few of our politicians listened to him and that is why we are in our current fiscal crisis.

Ray Gordon

Bel Air

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