Brick house near Liriodendron should be purchased [Letter]


Many readers know that the Brick House property is the kind of park addition the county requires.

The appraised value of the Brick House property is about l/4 as much the other property the county is considering. The Brick House property is right next to the Howard Park Community. The county will not have such environmental clean-up costs at the Brick House property. Further, the properties are very similar in size.

In fact, the Brick House property until l980 was part of Heavenly Waters/Liriodendron parks. The county already cares for Heavenly Waters, doing much on Lirio.  A third part of the original parcel is also already back in the county's possession.

In short, your conclusion is right on point that the county would do best to act now. Over l00 signatures from county residents asked months ago for public sector (Bel Air) acquisition.  Preserving this natural parkland is vital. 

As a longtime enjoyer of tennis at the property, yet another plea goes to the county on behalf of lots of us, plus many, many others. If the county does not act now, the property is likely to go into unknown hands. Offers have been turned aside to protect Liriodendron. Other offers tied up the property for four months. Now is the time for the County/Lirio/Town to protect this gem.  

We ask the county to move on this without delay.

Andy  Dudek

White Marsh

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