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Library neutrality? [Letter]


I have walked into several branches of the Harford County Public Library lately and noticed with amusement the posters for the Library Gala featuring prominently, prominent members of the Harford County government, most notably declared candidates for Harford County Executive and Governor for Maryland as well as the present County Council President, and the Director of Administration. However, while recently surfing the Library website, I recently stumbled upon a topic that caught my eye titled "Neutrality of the Library" (found under facts and policies).

In reading it, the policy states: "The Harford County Public Library does not support nor will it endorse particular candidates or issues during special primary, or general elections. The library will remain neutral. The library will, however, make every effort to provide to the public relevant information about issues and candidates in a balanced and prudent fashion in the judgment of the Director..." I had a momentary "gut check" and went back and looked at the poster. Not only are two of the aforementioned actors politicians seeking election to the highest offices (they have formally declared candidacy), but all are Republicans and we are entering an election year.

I find this very poor judgment on the part of the director. At the very least, the director is providing immense and widespread free publicity to declared candidates of only one political party, and is making herself a crony of the ruling political establishment. This is not Neutrality and clear violation of this policy. Shame.....

Jim Davis

Bel Air

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