'He must have been an angel ...' [Letter]

On Friday morning, Feb. 14, I was on my way, making a path with my shovel through the snow in my driveway to pick up my mailbox that the County/State snow plow truck had again knocked off, landing my mailbox in the snow covered ground.

Along came a very nice, pleasant young man in a small pick up truck with a snow plow and offered to give me a 'sweep" in my snow covered driveway.

He came and he went, tooting his truck horn, without me getting his name, etc., so as to thank and pay him for his thoughtfulness and kind service.

"He must have been an angel sent from God!" I pray that he will see this letter of appreciation and be blessed, as he had also, blessed me. "Many thanks, to the Good Samaritan!"

Carole Cleary

Bel Air

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