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McDonough's comments on Obamacare rebutted [Letter]


It would do Del. McDonough well if he reviewed the facts prior to espousing an opinion concerning the recent agreement between the federal government and the Cost Review Commission of the state. The commission has set rates since 1974 and in 1975 it was the first of five states to be granted a waiver from the federal government exempting Maryland from Medicare and Medicaid principles. There are enough answered questions to allow a systems that has benefited the people of Maryland as well as hospitals that provide their care. The system has worked well enough to be considered a model for the rest of the country.

McDonough also stated bureaucrats would set rates for hospitals when rates are set by a volunteer commission.

Finally you compare the EMR (electronic medical records) to the system Target employs without any knowledge of either. 

Let's use your example of Granny. Let's say she arrives in the ER of any hospital, incoherent without family, and no one to provide any medical history whatsoever, rather than having to delay care to find this info, an attending ER Physician could find all this info electronically and the care she receives sent directly to her primary care physician. This system allows for continuity of care in a safe cost reducing manor.

Instead of fear mongering and dwelling on negative talking points of the Affordable Care Act, you should turn your attention to issues concerning your local community. I do not recall you voicing any opinion at all when David Craig used taxpayer funds to bail out the Pleckers in Joppa and to purchase a waste site in Havre de Grace. Where is your concern about drug use and the burglaries of homes and autos in your district?

My family and I are resigned to the fact that you represent us here in Joppatowne. We are, however, looking forward to supporting anyone who runs against you.

Good luck in your misery.

Charles Bayne


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