"I just think it's a really good idea because there's a lot of people who are not as fortunate," Gwen Gasu, 14, said.

Several girls and parents who came to take in the show also said they liked the mission.

"This sounded like a great idea," Kim Sadtler, of Forest Hill, said. She was browsing through dresses with her 14-year-old daughter, Miranda.

Sadtler said it reminded her of a similar event held by Mountain Christian Church, and they decided to see it after reading about it in The Aegis.

Tara Norona, of Elkton, and Josie Brown, of Rising Sun, both 15, were lounging on the synthetic turf field before the big show.

Josie said they came "to find good dresses for a low price."

Tara added she thought the speaker "was really good."

Wendy Wright, of The Wright Fit, gave a few style and clothing tips, while Tracey Keyser, of Pathways to Whole Living, said girls need confidence about their own personalities.

"What they need to know is who exactly they are," Keyser said. "Make sure you walk out into this world knowing exactly who you are."

Kreisel told the audience In The Glow will only succeed with community support.

"I really, truly feel like this is what I am supposed to be doing," she said of her organization, adding she wants to empower others to feel the same way.

"I want to take my glow and share it with everyone here," she said.