Nursing building on top of Harford college's project list for 2014

The long-awaited nursing and allied health building is at the top of Harford Community College's fiscal year 2014 capital improvement program with more than $10 million budgeted.

The college's Board of Trustees approved the capital budget and capital improvement program for the upcoming fiscal year during Tuesday night's meeting. The fiscal 2014 capital budget totals $15,448,450 for six projects.

The budget and program sets a schedule for planned projects not only for fiscal year 2014, but also for the subsequent five fiscal years, as well.

A total of $10,333,000 has been budgeted for the nursing and allied health building, $2,200,000 for a plant services annex building, $1,280,000 for renovations to the Harford sports complex, $632,000 for renovations to Edgewood Hall, $953,450 for computer technology and equipment and $50,000 for library upgrades.

The nursing and allied health building, which was previously delayed, is scheduled to begin construction in May 2013 and be completed by August 2014.

The project will cost $17,423,000, with $7,090,000 previously approved in 2012.

Funds for the plant services annex come from $600,000 appropriated in 2012 and an additional $1,500,000 from the college bookstore auxiliary fund and $700,000 from HCC operating funds.

The facility will be a 14,000 square-foot multi-use building that will house the college's computer and technology services and provide space for the relocation of the copy center.

Renovations to the Harford sports complex include a new entrance and seating repairs and repairs to the baseball playing surface caused by soil compaction

Funding of $231,000 for the project had already been approved in 2012. The additional funds will come from the college bookstore auxiliary funds, $1 million, and operating funds, $250,000.

Ripken Baseball has also agreed to enter into a multi-year deal to use the playing field once it is renovated.

Ripken Baseball currently pays HCC $25,000 annually to rent the field.

Renovating Edgewood Hall is a new project, and the funds will be used to upgrade the HVAC system and renovate classrooms.

Rick Johnson, HCC vice president of finance and operations, told the trustees that Edgewood Hall was put into the budget because it had been recently indicated that the state portion of funds for the project will be available, but nothing is done yet.

"We would need to assure county funds are there, too," Johnson said. "We thought two months ago it would be delayed another year."

The computer equipment/technology program requested funds for equipment and network upgrades and replacements.

Board member John Haggerty asked how the 2+2 building in coordination with Towson University was coming along.

Victor Dodson, HCC director of procurement, explained that the college has done everything on its end to get the paperwork rolling and is just waiting for Towson University to follow up on its end.

"It's somewhere in the university system," he said.

College President Dennis Golladay added that things are still looking good for a spring groundbreaking for the Towson building.

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