Last month, the magazine's student staffers were presented with national Apple Awards from the National College Media Association, including second place in the Best Magazine Cover and Two-Page Spread categories.

Print copies of the magazine are placed in stands around campus, as well as in neighboring businesses and other public places. A digital version can be found online.

"We're really lucky because we have the very best of both worlds right now," Brown said.

She explained that the magazine format allows writers to tell more in-depth stories, and is a greater showcase for student photographers, graphic designers and other visual artists.

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The 28-person staff is made up of HCC students and some alumni. Staffers can earn academic credit or work on a volunteer basis.

"We definitely have high turnover rates, but we also have this very committed group of students who keep coming back," Brown said.

Tennis courts on track

Rick Johnson, vice president for finance and operations, gave updates on a number of capital projects Tuesday, including the campus' tennis courts.

Construction is partially complete, but has been delayed because of weather this year. Johnson said the HCC tennis teams have been practicing at local high schools.

"They'd like to have a home court and we're working as quickly as we can to get it done," he said.