"At this point at this election, there's a lot of voters, and the turnout's been great, and we don't see that as unusual," Kevin Keene, the county elections director, said around 7 p.m.

Keene wasn't anticipating any problems in getting the polls closed at a reasonable time and getting vote tallies back to the elections board's headquarters in Forest Hill.

"It's a big election, with the presidential election and all the issues on the ballot," Keene said. "Obviously [long lines] will delay things, and when the last vote is finished, we'll start breaking down things."

"We want to get them [results] back as much as everybody wants them back," he added. "It's kind of a competition, we want to get them back first."

"We're not getting a lot of phone calls or complaints about the lines or process, or anything of that nature," Keene said. "I know the entire state is going through the same phenomenon.

"It's been pretty steady throughout the day, obviously this a busy time just like the morning."

Regardless, he noted, "We don't have additional people or machines to expedite the process."

"There's a lot of passion on the ballot this time, it's a big election this time, it's what we like to see," Keene said. He also said they were expecting a final turnout of at least 80 percent among the county's 169,000 registered voters.

There were a record 169,546 Harford residents registered to vote in this election.

There were 70,769 Republicans and 67,508 Democrats registered in Harford for this year, plus another 29,037 independents.

Not much activity outside

Despite the high turnout, there was an obvious lack of electioneering outside most polling places around Harford.

Cardin supporters were present at Havre de Grace High School, Obama supporters at Havre de Grace Elementary School and Rev. Lenard Potts, with Helping Hands Ministries in Churchville, spoke out against same sex marriage at Aberdeen High School.

Patrick McGrady, chairman of Harford's Republican Central Committee, reported that everything was going well for his party at the polls Tuesday.

"We're working hard to make sure we get over the finish line," he said. "The Republican turnout is very exciting."

Around 6 p.m., he said the Jacobs and Bongino races were still tight and Harris seemed "pretty safe" for re-election.

McGrady also felt confident about the state ballot questions, saying, "We need to defeat these O'Malley, liberal referendum items."

Over at the Democratic Central Committee, chairperson Wendy Sawyer also felt good about how her party was faring in the election.

"I'm very happy about what we're seeing so far," she said. "I'm seeing love everywhere in the county."

Sawyer also commented on the high turnout and said she felt Obama had "a leg up on Romney as far as the electoral college map."

Full election coverage will continue to be provided Wednesday morning and beyond at http://www.exploreharford.com and http://www.baltimoresun.com. Aegis Executive Editor Ted Hendricks and correspondent Hafiz Rashid contributed to this article.