"How many of those will go under because of this unfair competition? Will James Run actually destroy as many jobs as it creates?" she asked.

Bruce said the only thing the road improvements promised by the developer will accomplish will be to offset the load of the James Run project itself.

Also at Tuesday's meeting:

- The council re-elected Dick Slutzky as vice president of the council.

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- Harold Breaux was recognized as a Harford Living Treasure for being a mathematician and scientist at Aberdeen Proving Ground and historian.

- A bill allowing $17.9 million instead of $10.3 million to be borrowed for the Bush Creek Pumping Station 4th Pump was passed by the council.

- Council President Billy Boniface announced an art show of northern Harford County artists at Deer Creek Harmony Presbyterian Church on Friday.

- The council approved a resolution for a lease purchase for energy equipment for Harford County Public Schools. The energy performance project costs $16.1 million and includes energy-saving devices throughout schools.

The lease is with JP Morgan Chase Bank and the equipment is being acquired from Johnson Controls.

-Council members talked about the new APG Federal Credit Union Arena at Harford Community College, which was officially dedicated earlier Tuesday afternoon. Boniface called it "such a jewel" for Harford County and noted it was a major partnership between the county and state. McMahan also said it is "beautiful" and he is convinced it will be a "centerpiece" for the county. Shrodes said it will prove to be a great investment for the county, not just the students at the college.