Debbie and Mark Harrison, who live across from the county's Cedar Lane Regional Park southeast of Bel Air, said after the meeting that they have been troubled for a couple of years by very bright lights and noise coming from the park.

They said the park has "high-intensity, stadium lights," which is not what was expected.

"How do you get stadium lights at a park?" Debbie Harrison said, adding: 'That park will have visitors come in at 6:30 a.m. and there is screaming and activity all day long."

She said the park was originally going to have 500 parking spaces, but after plans were scrapped for a school on the property, it was increased to 1,000 spaces.

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"That was a huge concern. They promised us over and over again those 1,000 parking spaces would never be filled at one time," she said.

But, she said, "not only do they fill the 1,000 spaces, cars are parked on the field."

She said County Councilwoman Mary Ann Lisanti has tried to help them but the county does not seem willing to do anything.

"The response is, it only affects a certain amount of people and it's a benefit to the whole county because it brings in $20 million for the county," she said.

Mark Harrison said an employee came out to look at the lights, but said the county does not have a way to measure their intensity.

Debbie Harrison said there are not many neighbors around the park but those who do live there are not happy.

"People on [Route] 543 have it so rough," she said, referring to the road that backs up to the park, which has been aggressively marketed as place for major regional soccer tournaments and similar events.