2013 Harford County Farm Fair contest results

Various contests, including a farm baby, talent and watermelon and pie-eating, were held as part of the 2013 Harford County Farm Fair.

The following are the results:

Farm Baby Costume Contest: birth to 12 months: first, Iola Henz; second, Brooklyn Brown; and third, Emmalynn Hindle; 13 to 24 months: first, Bailey Nichols, second, Mia Citro; third, Emmalynn Hindle; 25 to 36 months: first, Payson Adorno-Diaz; second, Erwin Henz; and third, Riley Harrison.

Talent contest

Youth category: first, Diamond D Dancers; second, Magen Cornacchione, vocalist; third, Payson Adorno-Diaz, hula hoop dancer; fourth,- "The Beats," a cappella rhythm and song; teen category: first, Diamond D Dancers; second, Pat Collins, guitarist/vocalist; third, Tori Siler, vocalist; fourth, "Alexander the Great" Alex Dixon, magician; fifth, Arianna Dixon, a cappella rhythm and song; sixth, Haley Fisher, vocalist and juggler; honorable mention, Erika Hayes, vocalist; Autumn Dennis, vocalist; Sarah Wood, vocalist; adult category: first, Brooke Simons, vocalist/dancer; second: Tina Torre, lighted hula hoop dancer; third, Tikeya, vocalist; fourth, Rachel Bauer, vocalist; and fifth, Steven Sheats, vocalist.

Pie-eating contest

Contestants judged on how fast they could eat a 4-inch pie, without hands, and how clean their plate was.

Ages 5 to 8: first, Ramsey Francis; second, Joey Schneider; third, McKenzie McCann; ages 9 to 11: first, Glenn Nash; second, Allison Atkins; third, Olivia Borkowski; ages 12 to 14: first, Jon Micelli; second, Spencer Harrington; third, Kirsten Heffner and Cameron Yeager; adults: first, Jordan Rice; second, Ron Rice; and third, Nicole Welsch.

Watermelon-eating contest

Ages 5 to 8: group 1, first, Nathan Spessato; second, Griffin Harrington; third, Gracie Heffner; group 2, first, identified in Farm Fair paperwork only as Emily, grand champion; second, McKenzie McCann; third, Newton Condict; ages 9 to 11: first, Matthew Tritt; second, Amanda Tritt; third, Alex Micelli; ages 12 to 14: group 1, first, Alex Brown; second, Kiersten Heffner; third, Mark Truitt; group 2, first, Jon Micelli, grand champion; second, Emalee Belinski; third, Gavin Hoge; ages 15 to 18: group 1, first, Christian Snyder; second, Henry Ruff; third, Dakotah Seacrist; group 2, first, Ryan Gibbons, grand champion; second, Amy Dykes; third, Abby Crouse; adults: group 1, first, Michelle Miller; second, Katie Flohr; third, Connie Heffner; group 2, first, Phillip Joseph; second, Dianne Guyas; third, Richard Terry.

Seasonal Sensations Culinary Contest

Contestants prepare a recipe which includes seasonally available ingredients with local origin; entries are judged on presentation, flavor, seasonal ingredient list and originality.

Adult amateur class: first, Jerry Dziki, Grandma's recipe for peach pie; second, Renee Main, Secret Garden Cupcake.

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