Kids today! Some of them are pretty impressive [Commentary]

An age old lament of those approaching old age more rapidly than they may have anticipated has centered on the moral aptitude of "kids today."

As a complaint, it isn't generally justified. Every generation has members who bring shame, just as every generation has its heroes.

This week, at least one hero inspires faith in "some people's children," that being the 17-year-old girl who lives in Bel Air and had the good sense and fortitude to warn neighbors when embers from a fireplace ignited the roof of a home.

The homeowner was able to get a start on putting out the flames, and members of the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company were able to take care of the rest.

As Deputy State Fire Marshal Oliver Alkire put it: "The young woman without a doubt saved this family and their home from more than what had occurred. I commend her for her quick actions."

Kids today, indeed! A lot of them are pretty impressive.

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