"The department of planning and zoning will establish the next two-year milestones for 2013 to 2015 pertaining to the Watershed Implementation Program," the release continued. "The department of planning and zoning will also address development regulations and update zoning and design standards to help ensure quality of life issues are properly addressed."

The county must also begin collecting a stormwater utility fee in the next 18 months, as required by state legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly this year.

Community agencies

The county plans to assist building and finding additional sites for various agencies, such as SARC, the Humane Society of Harford County and Harford Center.

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Craig said the plan is to create a Southern Resource Center, to be built next to the Harford County Sheriff's Office Southern Precinct on Route 40, and find a second location for SARC.

Also, the Harford Center, which serves adults with disabilities, is soon to reach capacity and an additional site is needed.

The county already pledged funds for a new humane society and Craig plans to follow through with that commitment.

Information technology

Craig called the department and its achievements "important for efficiency in government."

"For county government operations, the elimination of the outdated mainframe and the adoption of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system will greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government," the county's press release stated.

The final enhancement of IT in the county will be the completion of the HMAN (Harford County Metro Area Network) broadband project, which will put the county's schools, libraries and other county-funded agencies on the county's network.