A break-in was reported Tuesday on Bel Air South Parkway.

Vandalism was reported Tuesday in the 1100 block of Jade Drive.

An employee was making threats Tuesday in the 2000 block of South Tollgate Road.

A theft was reported from a vehicle in the first block of Cagney Court on Tuesday.

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A vehicle window was broken Wednesday in the 1300 block of Sweetbriar Lane.

Vehicles were broken into Wednesday in the 1300 block of Vanderbilt Road.

A wallet was stolen in the 1300 block of Locust Avenue on Wednesday.

A vehicle in the 800 block of Belair Road was broken into Wednesday.

A window was broken Wednesday in the 700 block of Carlton Way.

Bel Air police report:

Priscilla Igwacho, 49, and Eric Igwacho, 49, both of the 2300 block of Calvary Road, were charged Wednesday with second-degree assault. Priscilla Igwacho was also charged with disorderly conduct.


A theft was reported from a vehicle in the 1300 block of Cranesbill Court.

A rock was thrown at a window Wednesday in the 1200 block of Annhurst Way.


A bicycle was stolen Tuesday in the 1500 block of Deerfield Road.


Azikiwe S. Omotunde, 32, who has addresses in the 500 block of Crownwood Court and in Brooklyn, N.Y., was arrested Wednesday on a bench warrant for failing to appear for court in a case in which he is charged with disorderly conduct and failure to obey a lawful police order.

Jasmine L. Patton, 22, of the 600 block of Buoy Street, was charged Tuesday with first-degree burglary, second-degree assault and vandalism.

A tenant was threatening someone in the 600 block of Hornbeam Road on Tuesday.