Honored to be part of a great crew [Commentary]

Greetings, everyone!

For those of you I have not had the pleasure of meeting during my 10 months in Harford County, my name is David Anderson and I am one of the newest reporters for The Aegis.

I say "one of," because until my talented colleague Krishana Davis came on board a few weeks ago, I was the new guy at The Aegis, the baby of this well-established and storied family, if you will.

The newspaper industry, which I have been part of for the better part of a decade, has gone through one contraction after another during that time, even before the economy went to pieces five years ago.

Papers large and small have cut sections, staff, circulation – I'm old enough to remember going to one section in The Baltimore Sun for all my entertainment needs as a teenager, the "Today" section.

You could find television listings, the comics, movie reviews on Fridays and a page dedicated to what was playing in one of the Baltimore-area multiplexes.

Going off of memory, you were guaranteed at least four sections in the daily Baltimore Sun: the A section with national and international news, the Maryland section with local news from across the state, the aforementioned Today section and everyone's favorite, Sports.

These days, local news leads the front page, unless it is a pressing national issue such as the recent 11th-hour deal to raise the country's debt ceiling and end the partial federal government shutdown.

Typically, in 2013, the Maryland and Today sections are in the past, and you receive a shrunken Baltimore Sun on your doorstep/driveway/rosebushes each morning.

The Aegis has also gone through a number of changes in recent years; we are no longer at 10 Hays St. in Bel Air.

We have moved a third of a mile up the road and are in Suite 203 in a very nice brick building at 139 N. Main St.; feel free to come visit us.

We no longer print in Bel Air, either. News, photographs, display ads, obituaries and customer service are still in Harford County, but the rest of our services are taken care of in Baltimore.

I say that because I hear our customer service reps STILL telling people who call The Aegis that we have moved, more than two years after we left Hays Street.

Our little editorial staff of four news editors, three news reporters, one sports editor, one sports reporter, ONE full-time photographer and assorted stringers and freelancers puts together The Aegis and The Record from our cozy nest on Main Street.

I say again, come see us! We're in downtown Bel Air, just a couple of doors down from the Harford County Historical Society and a little bit south of the Shop Rite, or as many of you know it, Kleins.

I'm sorry to take up so much of this column ranting on the state of the newspaper industry, but they were a few things I wanted to get off my chest.

One point I'd like to illustrate, however, is that The Aegis is still here through all of these contractions, chock full of local news every Wednesday and Friday, and seven days a week on the Internet.

You can find us through The Baltimore Sun's website, or directly at http://www.exploreharford.com, http://www.theaegis.com, two Facebook portals – ExploreHarford and Sun Bel Air – and on Twitter.

It's a long way from when we started in 1856 as The Southern Aegis and Intelligencer, and my hope is that The Aegis will still be around in 2056.

My children and grandchildren might read the 200th anniversary edition through a hologram on their wrist communicators, or perhaps in their minds' eye through an implant in their brains.

Or, heck, maybe they'll read a paper copy for old times' sake.

I am honored to be part of this extremely dedicated staff willing to put in long hours to serve you, our faithful readers.

I am a Baltimore native who spent more than five years working in North Carolina – more on that in a future column – and it is great to be back among Ravens and Orioles fans.

Feel free to drop me a line at 410-332-6749, daanderson@baltsun.com or on Twitter at @DavidInHarford.

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