Lee St. may become no parking because of school congestion

The Bel Air Town Commissioners are set to introduce a resolution that will change the parking zone on Lee Street near Bel Air Elementary School from 15-minute parking to a No Parking zone.

Resolution 1017-13 comes after more parents have been driving their children to school following new school bus exemptions which do not allow students who live within two miles of the school to be picked up by a bus.

Kevin Small, Bel Air's director of planning, said parking zone changes would occur between Hickory Avenue and Main Street on the north side of Lee Street. Parking is not allowed on the south side of Lee Street.

"As more parents are now taking their kids to school, the drop off is forming a line and it is going out into the street," Small said. "Buses and traffic have to go around the street to get through the traffic."

Small said he believes by changing the north side of Lee Street to a no parking zone, parents will be forced to quickly drop off their children, instead of parking and walking them all the way to the schoolhouse.

He said the town will also be encouraging students to walk or ride their bicycles to school to alleviate some of the traffic in the morning.

During the next town hall meeting, the Bel Air Town Commissioners are also set to introduce updates to the town's sewer codes.

The new legislation will contain mostly verbiage updates. Randy Robertson, director of public works, said the verbiage changes include changing responsibility from the town commissioners to town agencies like public works.

Robertson said the other major update to the town's sewer code will include removing language about the process of handling industrial waste water. He said since the town does not have any businesses which produce industrial waste water, the sections are not needed.

He said if the town eventually gets industries, they would be bound to the county's industrial water sewage legislation.

The town commissioners also plan to introduce a change order for the contract for beautifying Plumtree Park. Town Administrator Chris Schlehr said the change order would allow the contractor to put new pavers in Shamrock Park, which is also being renovated.

The next Bel Air town meeting is scheduled for Oct. 21 at 7:30 p.m. at town hall.

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