Bel Air Town Commissioners to vote on $66K Roland Place storm water pond repairs

The storm water management pond behind Roland Place requires significant updates and repairs, which will cost the town of Bel Air $66,335.40, Randy Robertson, Bel Air's director of public works, said at Tuesday's town work session.

The Bel Air Town Commissioners will vote to approve a contract with Angler Environment to slip a smaller pipe inside of the older failing pipe inside the pond.

Under the Roland Place Declaration Covenant, Roland Place residents are responsible for maintaining the storm water management pond. If they do not, the Town of Bel Air can make the necessary updates and then bill the residents.

"Under the way the law is currently written, if they don't make the necessary updates, then we have to," Robertson said during the work session. "Within 30 days of written notice, if the town does the work, bills the owners and they don't pay, the town can place a lien against the property."

The contract allocates $7,000 to clear the property and the pond and the other funds will be used for installing the 24-inch liner and other updates.

Once the work is complete, the 31 Park Place units surrounding the pond will be required to pay two yearly installments of $1,069.93 plus a $30 administrative fee.

At least one Roland Place resident attended the work session to voice his concern about the mandated repayment plan.

Thomas Gray, 76, a 12-year resident of Roland Place, said he was unaware of the storm water management pond. He said based on the location of his property, his storm waters runs off onto Rock Spring Road.

"I can't see the pond from my house," Gray said. "I was amazed when they sent the letter and said I was benefiting from the pond, but none of my water goes into the pond."

Gray said he never lived in a home in a homeowner's association community and had he known about the agreement between Roland Place and the Town of Bel Air, he would not have purchased the property.

"By telling people if they don't pay they will place a lien on their property, they are persecuting people who weren't informed about the pond when they moved there," Gray said.

Robertson said, if approved, the construction will take about two weeks to complete. He said construction may not begin until after the cold front moves through the area.

The Bel Air Town Commissioners will vote on the contract at the next town hall meeting that is scheduled for Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m.


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