Annual growth report

The Bel Air town commissioners voted to accept the amended 2012 Harford County Growth Report Monday night.

The annual report was created 1997 under the Smart Growth Areas Act requiring municipalities to adopt adequate feasibility standards, Kevin Small, director of planning for the town, said.

Based on the report, the town's planning committee determined the town is clear for residential growth near its schools, Small said.

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In Bel Air, if a school has enrollment of 115 percent capacity or higher, there would be a halt in residential growth near the school.

"In the Town of Bel Air, there are no schools operating at 115 percent or higher capacity," Small said. "The schools are actually operating at much less, with a trend showing a decline in enrollment."

Small said no schools are in a development moratorium.

Cultural Arts Commission

The number of members of the Cultural Arts Commission required to make a quorum for official meetings was reduced from five to three during the town meeting.

The Cultural Arts Commission has recently had two of its nine seats vacated in recent weeks, Trish Heidenreich, Director of Economic Development, said, which makes it difficult to maintain a majority - five members - during official meetings.

"A three-member quorum would allow for more flexibility to make official decisions when necessary," Heidenreich said.

Heidenreich said other nine-member boards such as the Economic and Community Development Commission were approved for a three-member quorum, which has worked well for holding meetings and official business.

The town held a public meeting to discuss changes to the quorum before voting to approve.

Appointments and Acknowledgments

The town acknowledged Mike Blum, who heads the annual Christmas parade, for a job well done in organizing and heading the celebration. Blum was given gift cards and other goodies from the town commissioners and economic development department for his hard work.

Michael Simini was re-appointed to the tree committee for a three-year term by the town commissioners.

The town commissioners appointed Scott Farley to the historic preservation commission for a three year term.