Downtown Bel Air rocks out again for the Ravens

It was bitter cold outside in downtown Bel Air Friday evening, but that didn't stop a couple hundred Baltimore Ravens fans from rallying behind their team leading up to Sunday's AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots.

Dressed in purple and black from head to foot, many with faces painted to match, fans of all ages gathered at Armory Park on Main Street, chanting "R-A-V-E-N-S," led by the Ravens ultimate fans, Matt "Fan Man" Andrews and Rick "Ravin' Rick" Dixon, and yelled and screamed in support of their favorite football team.

Friday's rally, like one held a week earlier, was sponsored by the Bel Air Downtown Alliance in cooperation with several town businesses.

Perhaps the littlest Ravens fan at Friday's rally was 6-month-old Brynn Jubb, who was there with her older brother, Declan, 6, and their mother, Lauren.

Declan, who brought his Ravens helmet along with him, likes Ray Lewis the best, "because he yells." He and his family are "huge" Ravens fans.

"Pretty much anything Ravens we can go to, we do," Lauren Jubb said.

They have a group of friends – about five couples and all their children – who watch most of the games together, like they will Sunday.

Austin Otte, 11, from Street, also likes Ray Lewis, even though he was wearing an Ed Reed jersey for Friday's rally.

"I have one. I just don't have it on," the St. Margaret School student said of the switch in player allegiances. "I'm a huge football fan."

He likes the Ravens because they're a good football team.

As for Sunday's game, Austin predicts a win.

"I think it's going to be close but I think the Ravens are going to win by a field goal," Austin said, giving the score at 24-21 Ravens.

Jon Lovelace and Kristi Houck, along with JJ Lovelace, all of Bel Air, were decked out in Ravens gear, like the rest who were milling around the small park.

Kristi was sporting a black tutu with her Ray Lewis jersey, while Jon's face was painted purple and white and at least a dozen beads were draped around his neck. JJ's face was painted too.

They were there with Sharon Lovelace, of Street, and Bethanie Lovelace, of Bel Air, to support their team.

"The Ravens are going to the Super Bowl," Jon Lovelace declared.

They're also big football fans, and Sharon Lovelace said she'll be yelling throughout the game and Jon will be trying not to lose his voice.

Getting a lot of attention at Friday's rally was Bruno, a 14-year-old dog painted purple.

His "mom," Mary Ann Tana, of Bel Air, is a member of Ravens Roost 74, and "he comes with me." Not to games, she said, but to all kinds of events.

"He loves all the attention," she said.

Calls of "Tom Brady knows he's in a lot of trouble this weekend" drew a rousing applause from the crowd.

Everyone in Bel Air predicted a Ravens win Sunday, which would put them in the Super Bowl Feb. 3.

In Harford County, the fans are pumped and hoping and hoping there will be a third and final Ravens Rally in Bel Air in two weeks.

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