3rd: Allison Moce from Bel Air

Ages 7-10:

1st: Zach Kerfoot from Bel Air

2nd: Faith Hess from Whiteford

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3rd: Lexi Schmitt from Bel Air

Ages 11-16:

1st: Rob Elliott from Bel Air

2nd: Jason Kolbe from Bel Air

3rd: Amaris Nolan from Bel Air

Ages 17+:

1st: Brian Daniels from North East

2nd: Jeff Tolson from Bel Air

3rd: Bobby Weaver from Forest Hill

After a recess for the afternoon, the traditional parade began at 6:00 p.m at the intersection of North Main Street and Gordon Street on the north side of Bel Air. The parade was greeted with approval by an estimated crowd of 45,000 spectators.

Reviewing stand narration was provided by Don Morrison, helped by Text Messaging Parade Marshals, led by Perry Thompson and Alex Krowzow.

Many of the parade units were sponsored by area businesses. Banners in the parade celebrating these sponsors were carried by members of the Fountain Green Swim Club, under the direction of David Williams. Parade sponsors included:

• Balsamo, Stewart, Lutters & Ruth, CPAs, sponsor of the Tampa Bay Thunder

• Buontempo Brothers/Tower Restaurant, sponsor of the Patterson Mill High School Band

• Festival at Bel Air, sponsor of the Harford Highlanders

• HAR-CO Maryland Federal Credit Union, sponsor of the Reading Buccaneers Drum & Bugle Corps