Best Decorated — Boys: Norman Jones of Delta, PA

Ages 5 and under:

1st: Zach Tamanini of Bel Air

2nd: Sarah Herron of Forest Hill

3rd: Luke Dallaire of Bel Air

Ages 6-8:

1st: Elizabeth McPherson of Abingdon

2nd: Kyle Bacso of Bel Air

3rd: Elizabeth Dallaire of Bel Air

Ages 9-10:

1st: Norman Jones of Delta, PA.

2nd: Emma Burrows of Bel Air

3rd: Daniel Rodier of Bel Air

Ages 11-13:

1st: Jake Borrows of Bel Air

2nd: Aubrey Hoover of Bel Air

3rd: Chase Donelson of Bel Air

Uncle Sam Says

(Shamrock Park)

Ages 5-7: