Bel Air Elementary student honored; park and sewer plans move forward

Everyone in the room laughed at the look of shock on one Bel Air Elementary School student's face Monday night, when he was presented a Student Achievement Award at the town meeting.

Dressed in his Cub Scout uniform, Sean Hooper, a fifth-grader at the elementary school, was told he was headed to a mandatory Scout meeting at Town Hall.

"He doesn't know why he is coming," Sean's father, Brent Hooper, said before the award ceremony. "When my ex-wife told me about it, I was ecstatic."

Sharon Hooper, Sean's mother, said she did not tell her son about the award because she wanted him to be shocked.

"Oh, I can't wait to get a picture of his shocked face on camera," his mother said.

Sean's family and teachers showed their support as Board of Town Commissioners Chairman Edward Hopkins presented Sean's Student Achievement Award. Sean was recognized for being an outstanding student, his leadership abilities and volunteer time assisting his physical education teacher.

Tiffany Smith, director of the Bel Air Boys and Girls Club, said Sean is full of personality and always comes into the center with a smile.

"He's known as our pool shark," Smith said. "He beats all of the kids and adults, but he's a good sport about it. He'll say 'don't worry you'll do better next time.' He's very supportive."

Although pool is Sean's favorite pastime, Smith said over the three years she has known him his interests have grown into other areas. She said she was tickled when Sean told her he wants to work at the Boys and Girls Club one day.

Following the ceremony, the town commissioners voted to introduce legislation to update the town's sewer codes. The updates will include new language which aligns Bel Air's code with the Harford County sewer code, as well as other items.

The commissioners also approved a $63,090 change order to the Plumtree Park renovation contract to include new pavers at Shamrock Park.

In the initial design, Shamrock Park was scheduled to be paved with asphalt. The pavers will help reduce stormwater runoff and create a unified look among Bel Air parks, town officials said.

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