"We are choosing to ignore them," she said.

Former county spokeswoman Merrie Street also said she was "just thrilled that they are able to do it. It doesn't bother me."

Street said she comes to the event every year and always enjoys the invention of the crafters.

"The creativity, it's just incredible," she said, adding that wrought-iron art seems "very, very popular" this year.

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"I loved it. People are walking out like crazy with that," she said.

Schmuck's Old Fashioned Broom Shop also always seems popular, she added.

Like the Darlington Apple Festival in Darlington, the Bel Air Festival for the Arts "is the place to be," she said.

Steve Barker and Tommy Stanley, both from Bel Air, said they stumbled onto the event while passing through town.

They had heard about the festival before but never attended.

"It's a Sunday, just seemed like a nice walk," Barker said. "I took a ceramics course and [the festival] just seemed like it would be a good place to go."

They were considering looking at ceramics stands, and Barker said "the woodwork is pretty cool."

With an Ella Fitzgerald song coming from the band shell and the crowd filling every inch of the park, Bel Air's kick-off to fall seemed stronger than ever.