The story behind Bel Air's 'foxy' dancing Halloween House

Bel Air's Jim Kurtz was crafty as a fox with his holiday decorations this year.

After the success of his 2012 Christmas decorations, which played the hit Carly Rae Jepsen song "Call Me Maybe,"Kurtz decided to switch to a different holiday and wire his house lights to play along with "What Does the Fox Say" for Halloween.

"The Fox" song, which became a surprise hit for the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis, was played on Halloween night only at Kurtz's house in the 1200 block of Corinthian Court.

Unlike last Christmas, when passersby could only hear the song by tuning in to a radio station rigged to play "Call Me Maybe" in time to the flashing lights, "The Fox" song was blaring from a set of speakers, getting some neighborhood trick-or-treaters to dance along.

Kurtz explained his children wanted him to play the song, but his wife did not want it to be part of their Christmas decorations, so he compromised by playing it on Halloween.

Kurtz promised he had even more in store for Christmas this year.

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