Traditional awards

The traditional awards Saturday included the top fire and EMS responders and years of service.

The top 20 fire responders in 2012 were Ronald Britton with 1,079 calls, Steve Campbell with 939, Brandon Ruble with 829, Richard Presberry with 814, Ricky Davis with 775, Eddie Hopkins with 709, Bill Snyder with 668, Mark Johnson with 659, Scott McNutt with 626, Mike Walker with 611, Todd Schlossnagle with 588, Aaron Bellmyer with 571, Gary Rohde with 526, Gus Everhardt with 518, Rob Claridge with 512, Adam Siemek with 501, Jordon Bosse with 501, Mark Ensor with 498, Bev Britton with 483 and Austin Ensor with 468 calls.

The top 10 EMS responders fro 2012 were Mike Fields with 264 calls, Bev Britton with 198, David Birk with 159, Ginger Eisenhardt with 139, Leigha Reader with 112, Michele Goldman with 107, Michele Cirillo with 105, Mike Marino with 103, Tanisha Hawkins with 96 and Brad Baker with 86 calls.

Those who achieved fire call milestones included Josh Krebs and Bill Wynne with 10,000, and John Stansfield, Mike Walker and Brandon Ruble with 5,000 calls.

Years of service awards went to Joanne Adamo, Eric Larson, Todd DeFelice, Sharon Price and Tara Lundon for 10 years; Scott Sizer, Mike Turks and Mike Marino for 15 years; Josh Krebs for 20 years; Mike Livezey and Joe Rutherford for 25 years; Dave LaBar and Doug Struve for 30 years; June Potter and Russ Eyre for 35 years; and Dave Winchester for 40 years.

Lifesaving recognized

Also honored Saturday were the members of Medic 394 and EMS Utility 399, who responded to C. Milton Wright High School in January and helped save the life of Colleen Houck, a basketball player who collapsed during a game from a sudden cardiac arrest.

Don MacLean, a former Bel Air fire chief who serves as a representative of the local public safety sector on Harford County's Development Advisory Committee, was honored by County Councilmen James "Capt'n Jim" McMahan and Richard Slutzky.

MacLean was honored for his 30 years of service on the Harford County Development Advisory Committee, where he has been a tireless advocate of having new development plans take into account fire safety needs.

In an interview after the awards ceremony, McLean called the award "a surprise," and explained he works to ensure planned developments meet fire protection needs, such as having an adequate number of fire hydrants and that fire apparatus can access all driveways. He's also advocated that street names not be redundant and houses be clearly marked on the outside, both to make it easy for fire and EMS crews to respond in an emergency.

His wife, Shirley, also called her award for her work with the Auxiliary a "surprise."

Former EMS chief honored

Bev Britton, who stepped down at the end of 2012 after five years as EMS chief, was also recognized Saturday.

In written remarks provided in the banquet program, Britton thanked the paid EMS workers who have bolstered the efforts of the volunteers as the company's call volume has grown in recent years, as well as the volunteer EMS workers.

"You should always remain proud of your past, present and future commitments to Bel Air," she wrote. "The hard work, the upward mobility of your status, and your genuine concern for the Company and community you serve will never go unnoticed.

Hopkins, company President Tony Coliano Sr. and Banquet Chair Valerie Kulis also provided written remarks in the program.

"BAVFC thrives and succeeds on the talents of every member," Hopkins wrote. "To each of these people I say thank you for your hard work, your dedication and a job well done in 2012."

Coliano thanked administrative office staff and the members of the board of directors for their support in 2012, plus Harford County Executive David R. Craig and the county council for funding construction of the Patterson Mill substation, the first volunteer fire facility to be fully funded by the county.

"To the men and women who respond to emergencies every day, the citizens should thank God for your passion and dedication you truly make a difference in people's lives," the president wrote.

Kulis thanked those who worked to put on Saturday's banquet and awards ceremony.

"As we come together and celebrate at the banquet tonight, we congratulate those members receiving awards and all of our members for facing challenging times and graciously giving themselves to serve the community," she wrote.