Bel Air man accused of violent history and Nazi connections back in court

A Bel Air man, who allegedly had dozens of illegal weapons and was accused in 2011 of being a Nazi, was back in court last Wednesday on different charges.

During a bail review for Alfonse Petrus Kelz on forgery and theft charges, District Court Judge Victor Butanis read from the charging documents that Kelz was a member of the Nazi party and had 46 guns and ammunition seized from his home.

Kelz, however, told the judge that he is not a Nazi party member.

The 40-year-old resident of the 600 block of Thomas Way "has a history of guns, illegal ammunition and suicide," as well as "a history of violence," and is "a member of Nazi Party," according to the charging documents.

"The Maryland State Police has already seized approximately 46 guns and ammunition from his residence in 2011," according to the statement of charges. "Statements made by [Kelz's mother] lead me to believe there may be more guns and illegal ammunition in the residence."

Kelz also allegedly "made threatening statements [to his mother and another complainant]... about killing them, taking more money from them, and making threatening statements about killing black people and Jewish people."

The state judicial case search shows no evidence of any charges related to an illegal gun seizure.

One of the victims in the forgery and theft charges is allegedly Kelz's mother.

He was charged with forging private documents, issuing a false document and stealing between $1,000 and $10,000.

Butanis left his bail at $5,000 last week.

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