• Spot News Coverage: Erika Butler, "Three siblings die in crash," coverage from the scene of head-on collision near Bel Air that killed a sister and two brothers. "This article is well-written with tact about a very tragic and delicate situation," wrote a judge.

• Continuing Coverage: "Bel Air firefighters suspended for (Facebook) posts," explored the impact of social media after some firefighters complained about not getting a discount at a local fast food restaurant. "Smart, well-written coverage that gave perspective to the issue," a judge wrote.

• Investigative Reporting: Bryna Zumer, "Council to increase staff, budget," detailed staff increases and exposed backroom manipulations leading to a salary increase for the council administrator.

• Sports Story: Dewey Fox and correspondent Hafiz Rashid: "Harford Terps react to Big Ten move," interviews with ex-players, alumni and current players about the University of Maryland's switch in athletic conferences. "Writer[s] used multiple sources and didn't just address the aspects everyone was surely talking about but also aspects some probably hadn't considered," a judge wrote.

• Sports Feature: Dewey Fox: "North Harford's hardwood kings," included interviews with players and the coach on the 50th anniversary of the high school basketball team's only state championship. "A gem among gems," wrote a judge. "This one grabbed my attention right away and held it. Multiple interviews, good quotes, good material and good writing. It has a nice nostalgic feel to it."

• Multimedia Storytelling - News: Former staff member Marissa Gallo, Bryna Zumer and Allan Vought compiled an interactive gallery of "10 Myths about the Bel Air Walmart." According to the judges, the entry was a "creative, reader-friendly use of alternative storytelling."

• Community Service and Citizen Involvement (Web): Marissa Gallo for coverage, posts on the Harford County Public Library "Fifty Shades of Grey" controversy. "Interesting read on a divisive topic," said a judge. "Newspaper raised awareness of the issue and readers sounded off using the online commenting forum."

• Best Photo Gallery (Web): Photography Staff (Matt Button, Nicole Munchel and other staff, outside contributors): Best Harford photos of 2012. "What a great summary of the year," wrote a judge. I fell like I got a sense of what life is like in Harford. Some photos were humorous, some emotional, a great range."

• Sports Column (Non-daily): Sports Editor Randy McRoberts, "Boys lacrosse playoff a debacle, but it works," talked about the convoluted seeding for the annual state lacrosse tournament. "This writer did a great job doing exactly what reporters need to do – questioning those in authority," wrote the judge. "Well done."

Ten second-place awards won by The Aegis include: Local Column, critical thinking: Bryna Zumer; Continuing Coverage, Marissa Gallo; Local Government Coverage, Bryna Zumer; Spot News Photography, Erika Butler; Photo Series, Matt Button; Business Reporting, Dewey Fox; Headline, Jim Kennedy; Multimedia Storytelling - Sports, Allan Vought; Community Service and Community Involvement, Bryna Zumer and Nicole Munchel; Sports Column (non-daily), Allan Vought.

Awards for The Record

The Record, whose staff is the same as that of The Aegis, received five first- and five second-place awards in the classification of non-daily papers with under 10,000 circulation. In addition, Allan Vought's sports column, "The Graw, what it was and could still be," which looked back at the 100th anniversary of the opening of the old Havre de Grace Race Track, received a Best in Show award for a non-daily sports column.

Other first-place awards by The Record include: Election and Ballot Initiatives coverage: Bryna Zumer for coverage of the 2012 Havre de Grace city election; Spot News Photo, Matt Button, from the Port Deposit tanker truck crash; Sports Story, Dewey Fox, for the coverage of the Aberdeen High girls basketball team's 2012 state championship; and Web Video, Jon Sham, from the 2012 Havre de Grace Pirate Fest.

The Record's second-place awards include: General News Story, Bryna Zumer; Investigative Reporting, Hafiz Rashid; Public Service: Bryna Zumer, Marissa Gallo and Robin Benjes; General News Photo: Bobby Parker; Multimedia Storytelling, Feature: Jon Sham and Marissa Gallo.

In addition to The Aegis, other Baltimore Sun Media group papers honored with Newspaper of the Year awards Friday were The Baltimore Sun, among daily papers with circulation over 75,000, and the Howard County Times, among non-daily papers with circulation between 10,000 and 20,000.

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